EDM machining (electrical discharge machining) is used in EDM equipment to manufacture a component or a steel part, which is difficult to perform using typical machining methods. To create a variety of metal components, a wire EDM machine employs electrical discharges on metals that are conductive to electricity. Wire EDM machining uses a brass wire that is dispensed from a spool and runs through an upper and lower diamond guide before being discarded. A CNC control directs the wire’s movement, allowing you to create a path for it to follow. What makes EDM machining better than traditional machining methods?

Effective Handling

Titanium, hardened steel, tool steel, carbide, and has alloy are just a few of the metals that EDM machines are capable of handling. Difficult metals are expensive, and it takes special care to reduce them with precision, something no traditional machining procedures can do. Cutting hard metals with the typical procedure results in waste and wastage can be reduced by using EDM machining.

Very Deep Cuts

Deep cuts and cavities demand a large cutting tool when milled on a traditional machine as Chatter – excessive tool vibration — can be caused by tools with a high length: diameter ratio, resulting in poor machining quality.

Because EDM is not sensitive to chatter, it is a good choice for very deep cuts and in most cases, EDM can comfortably create holes with a length-to-diameter ratio of up to 20:1, but in other cases, this ratio can be as high as 100:1.

Tight Tolerances

EDM makes precision machining easier since it can attain extremely tight tolerances because there is no direct touch with the workpiece, EDM is unlikely to cause deformation.

EDM can attain tolerances as tight as +/- 0.0002″ with several passes and the cutting speeds, on the other hand, must be greatly decreased to provide the highest level of precision.

Exact Shapes

EDM machining is extremely effective at creating intricate shapes from metal sheets or a big metal block, which is extremely difficult to achieve with traditional machining. EDM machining allows machinists to make specialised metal components to exact specifications, which would otherwise take a lifetime to do using traditional machining methods.

No Harm To the Parts

When it comes to metal cutting, EDM can do the job quickly and efficiently while causing no physical harm to the environment. It is capable of producing smooth finishes on steel and a variety of other metals while it is impossible to obtain a finished product with the correct shape and dimension using traditional machining methods.

Whether it’s a small part or a large component that needs to be machined, EDM machines can complete the task without defects or physical harm. Cutting and machining brittle steel and weak metals might be difficult, but with EDM machines, the job becomes much easier. EDM machines are ideal for producing durable machinery parts, engine components, and electronic components.

However EDM machining is clearly an important part of your business, you’ll want to discover a reputable EDM machining service provider in your area. Gemsons is one of the world’s leading wire EDM machining service providers, offering precision EDM services as well as other machining services because of our state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified team, we have been an industry leader in providing difficult parts.

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