What is a CNC milling machine and how does it work?

CNC milling stands for computer numerical control milling in which there are computerized controls and rotating multipoint cutting tools are there that help remove the material from the workpiece. Thus, you can get custom-designed parts.

What is metal machining?

Metal machining is the process of working with metals to create assemblies and individual parts. With machining, a piece of raw material is cut into the required shape and size.

What is difference between CNC milling and turning?

CNC milling is all about the metal that is usually kept still while multi-point cutting tools rotate around it. However, turning is a process in which a metal bar is fed into the lathe machine and then rotates at the pace. Here, a single-point cutting tool removes off the part of the metal to get the desired shape.

What is a CNC machine shop?

A CNC machine shop is a manufacturing unit that has a range of CNC machining infrastructure to carry out machining of a variety of machining activities.

What is the benefit of 5-Axis Machining?

This type of machining has the greatest ability to machine very complicated shapes in one step. The process eliminates multiple set ups and can navigate multiple axises.

What is CNC milling process?

CNC milling machine is the subtractive manufacturing method that makes the use of computer numerical control systems to automate the process.

What is high precision machining?

High precision machining is all about machining the parts having tolerances in the 1 digit micron range.

Here, raw material is removed from the object in order to create the desired part.

What are the tolerances for precision machining?

These are the dimensional allowances mentioned in the engineering drawing to ensure the required fit of the finished component.

What is aerospace machining?

Aerospace machining is the manufacturing of parts used in assembling and maintaining space vehicles, as well as air vehicles.

What is the latest CNC machinining technology used at Gemsons?

Gemsons has employed a range of high speed machining centres, automated product lines and specialised equipement meant to cater to our customers evolving needs. We continuously upgrade our infrastructure to ensure a worl class manufacturing set up.

Can Machining be done on forged material?

Yes. Machining can be done on forged material because it helps convert the steel forged part into a completely furnished assembly component.

What are exotic fasteners?

Exotic material fasteners such as hastelloy, monel, titanium, etc are widely used in bolts, nuts, and studs that are a part of multiple assembled products

What is Ultra sonic cleaning?

It is a well-known process that makes use of ultrasound to agitate a fluid. This process helps in removing contaminants from the machined component

What does a wire EDM machine do?

Wire EDM Machining is an electro thermal production process in which a single strand metal wire also with the de-ionized water helps the wire to cut the metal componet. This process is efficient is cutting otherwise complex shapes with ease

What is Stellite welding?

Stellite is a Cobalt alloy used for various welding applications along with fusion welding, hard facing applications, and more. It provides excellent resistance to corrosion.

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