Many automotive, industrial, and telecommunications products are made using aluminium die casting-Electrical, hydraulic, and lighting components are also frequently made with it. For various reasons, aluminium is the most commonly cast non-ferrous metal on the planet. This is the most common reason for employing aluminium die-casting because it allows for the production of delicate die-cast parts without sacrificing strength; In contrast, another advantage of die-cast parts is their lightweight, ideal for aeroplane operation.

Aluminium metal works best for die cast parts because:

Light-weighted & Corrosion resistant

Aluminium castings are light, have solid physical qualities, are dimensionally stable, have good electrical conductivity, and resist high operating temperatures. It is also corrosion-resistant and easy to cast and is used in most die castings produced around the world.


Aluminium is a versatile material that can be utilized in various applications, providing mechanical designers with substantial benefits when producing lightweight parts that can endure high temperatures. Aluminium die casting is a popular material in the defence and medical industries because it is lightweight, durable, and stable compared to other metals.

Efficient process 

Once you’ve created your part’s die, it’s simple to replicate thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of individual parts with little machining or extra effort. Consistent and repeatable parts — Mass production has its advantages, but so does the consistency that comes with it. Die casting is known for its precision, ensuring consistent, repeatable outcomes, critical when producing precision metal parts.

Custom finishing

Die-cast pieces can be created to have a specific appearance, whether you want a smooth or textured finish.


In addition to the finishing possibilities, several customization options are available, such as the thickness of the item and its overall complexity. Die-casting parts can be basic or complex, and the level of detail can be varied, making die casting a versatile method for producing a wide range of parts.


Die-cast parts are not only cost-effective, but they can also withstand harsh weather and deterioration. Metals are less expensive than other liquid metals, which is another compelling rationale for using aluminium in aircraft. Die-casted metal is significantly less expensive and more cost-effective for the industry when compared to other industrial sectors. Furthermore, aircraft castings made of aluminium metal are the most durable and flexible in the market.

Long lifespan 

Aluminium die cast parts are created from a single mould and are not welded or connected; that’s why they are more robust than many other parts because of this, and they’re noted for being long-lasting. They’re heat-resistant and dimensionally stable, which contributes to their durability, and it is easy to see why they’re known for surviving longer because of these attributes and characteristics.

Precision measurements and product manufacturers are required for aerospace castings. We, Gemsons, know the importance of high-quality industrial components cannot be overstated; thus, we offer castings used to make small and large aircraft components, ensuring defect-free products.

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