Many different methods are available for producing metal parts. But Investment Casting is considered as one of the main processes for metal parts. It is also known as the lost wax casting method. Through investment castings, you can make highly accurate and intricate castings with such low cost and no quantity limitation attached to it. The best part is, Investment casting is more favoured for its advantages. Hence, it is the first choice of people while selecting a production technology. It has so many benefits that ensure that your desired product components meet all your expectations and requirements.

Here is a detailed description of the benefits of machined investment casting.

  • Flexibility of Design

You have freedom of design in investment casting. It is ideal for complex parts and those with complex internal shapes too. Unlimited freedom is offered with material choice. The most common material used is cast iron, aluminum alloy, and non-ferrous alloys. High-temperature alloys usually attract this process.

  • High Tolerance

For precision stainless steel castings, investment casting is called precision casting. You can meet a great tolerance level that avoids further machining. We can also say that investment casting can achieve near net shape products. This cannot be done with other casting processes.

  • Superior Finish on the Surface

You can achieve superior surface finishing by the investment casting method. Tolerance is more precise as compared to other processes. This is useful in providing a superior finish on the surfaces. You can also cast a logo or any text on the exterior to increase its value.

  • Superior Quality

You get good quality products with investment casting with the least casting defects. The rejection rate is also less. Strict inspections are done to ensure the quality of products and customers’ satisfaction. 

  • Strong Competitive Manufacturing Price

The net shape requires less machining which reduces the wastage of material. The equipment required is also less expensive and is less dangerous. This allows low cost and minimum wastage. The initial stage of product development requires little investment. Hence we can say that the manufacturing cost is quite competitive.

  • No Limitation of Quantity

There are both large and small casts in Investment Casting. The quantities may vary from small to large too. A huge quantity is not required to start production. Even the cost is almost similar to the large quantity produced.

  • A large variety of Material

You can find a huge variety of materials for using investment casting. By precision casting, the following alloys can be produced: stainless steel, alloy steel, heat resistant alloy, copper alloy, carbon steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, ductile iron, bearing alloy, and permanent magnet alloy.

  • Repeatability

The quality that investment castings provide is superior and maintained from one casting to another, which provides a reliable technique and low-cost repeats. 

  • Sustainability

With investment castings, you can act in a responsible way environmentally. The wax and metal alloy methods are reclaimed. You reduce the overall waste from production by creating a near-net shape. This will be a cost-effective and most appropriate technique which will meet all your requirements. 

  • Size Range

Small and large casts are done through investment castings. Even the miniature and intricate parts, as well as the largest parts up to 50 pounds, can also be cast.

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