Many industries are adopting CNC metal machining over other manufacturing methods. CNC stands for computer numerically controlled, which controls a series of machinery, such as grinders, lathes, and turning mills, all of which are used to automatically cut, shape, and create different parts and prototypes. 

Earlier the manufacturing operations used to be engineer-operated like routers, shaping machines, vertical millers and centre lathe. Traditional machining processes were used with sharpening tools for producing the desired design of material.In manual lathing, there must be a skilled technician for every machine and have less labour work, which would also come with significant accidents.

But the CNC machinery is more convenient, and one skilful person can operate several machines. It produces a wide range of metal components due to their accurate, consistent and complex cuts. CNC machines can create detailed and precise outcomes in large quantities, which has made CNC gain popularity, and more manufacturers are opting for CNC machines in the industry.

The CNC is a computer program that creates a three-dimensional model of what the finished part or components will look and function like.

Following are the reasons why you should choose CNC metal machining.

  • User friendly

The manufacturer can use a variety of materials over other processes. In fact, if you need a prototype of plastic or metal, CNC machining can accommodate it.

  • Scalability

For producing precise components, a CNC machine can generate up to the thousands of replicated products. By making necessary changes to the models or adding new information into the software program, the machine then creates the required number of finished products with absolute accuracy.

  • Speedy 

CNC machines are more speedy and can operate around 365 days a year. Except for maintenance purposes, servicing and upgrading are the only times when the manufacturer takes machines out of operations.

  • Fewer labours

The CNC machine does almost the work only a skilled person requires to ensure that CNC machines function optimally during production. 

  • Versatility

CNC machining can create virtually any form of component and design. As CNC machines consist of advanced CAM or CAD software, they can generate model parts or components of absolute accuracy and well-finishing something automatically with unique features and accessories, thus simplifying the production process.

  • Saves Costs

CNC machines are more efficient, precise, high speeds, and require less labours as compared to manual work. Your industry, though, saves money, and it is a significant benefit for choosing CNC machining.

The advantages of choosing CNC machines are-

  • It Requires fewer steps to produce parts, following in high efficiency
  • The process is more well-defined than manual machining and can be replicated in the same manner over and over again.
  • Provides the ability to produce complicated or multiple shapes with a high level of accuracy
  • Fully automated systems so that the operator is not exposed to any safety risks.

Gemsons is one of the largest in India’s small and medium scale (SME) category CNC Machine Shop’s category. With the experience of over 55 years in engineering, we are the leaders in CNC precision manufacturing.

Our capabilities range from handling mass production to job production parts of volumes.

We have machines from Spinner and Hardinge for super-precision CNC Turned components with high accuracy and finishing. 

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