Custom parts and components are in high demand in practically every industry today, and  CNC precision machining allows the creation of these unique parts easily. 

Precision is the key to part quality when it comes to high-grade machining, and the key to making that process cost-effective is repeatability, which ensures that every item performs as intended.

Precision machining, often known as CNC machining or computer numerical control machining, is almost as prevalent as hammering and nailing (although it is light years more productive). Cutting procedures are performed by computer-guided equipment and complicated instruments with CNC technology.

Many OEMs have already incorporated CNC machining services into their manufacturing processes. Even though these machining services have been around for a long time, they have recently become extremely popular. There are various reasons for this, including the numerous advantages they provide. 

Following are the reasons why CNC precision Machining is in demand:


Precision accuracy

One of the main reasons for its appeal is its precision machining parts ; whether building a prototype or completing a production run, the machining is done on CNC turning centers, which enable exceptional accuracy. Accuracy is extremely important in many applications, while any minor flaw can result in significant losses. These flaws can be avoided because CNC turning centers are pre-programmed, which means that the machine’s cuts will be consistent across the whole production batch, and there will be no room for mistakes or flaws.



Safety is a top priority for manufacturers worldwide. When manually-operated equipment is employed in many work contexts, there is always a considerable risk of injured people. Such injuries will cost you money, but they will also give you a terrible reputation in the domain in which you operate. 

On the other hand, these options are severely limited with CNC precision machining as an operator simply needs to provide initial inputs and can then leave the machine for a while. This will keep them safe, and producers will be able to comply with user safety laws.



CNC provides a great deal of machining flexibility, like some manual equipment built to work with a wide range of severe or extra-tough materials, such as superalloys. Micro-finishes, concentricity callouts, and true positions can all be accommodated on these machines.

The versatility of CNC machining with a wide range of materials can help firms of all sizes compete when it comes to manufacturing unique components and designs. Furthermore, incredibly accurate tolerances may be consistently achieved, giving customers peace of mind.

Metalworking, automotive, aerospace, agricultural, construction, power generation, maritime, transit, recreation and consumer products, military/defense, industrial equipment, and other industries could all benefit. 



All of the machines’ tasks are pre-programmed, it’s simple to make adjustments to them by using a keypad, a machine operator can easily make a change. A machine can be programmed to make different precision machining parts with the same machine; this means that the same precision CNC machining services may be used to create a variety of unique parts and components.


Excellent Quality

The CNC precision machining is pre-programmed, which helps eliminate errors and combines the essence of all the aforementioned benefits; this implies that the finished part’s quality is unaffected.

Best Machining Technology 

CNC machining technology is cutting-edge as the computer components are now the “live operator,” moving the cutting tools and shaping the material.

Gemsons is one of India’s major CNC Machine Shops in the Small and Medium Scale (SME) sector, with more than 85 CNC equipment ranging from 5-Axis Turn Mills to 4-Axis Machining Centers.

We are the epitome of precision and quality in the CNC manufacturing arena, with over 38 years of CNC machining experience. Our products have attained a high degree of precision and quality control at a low cost. We have become a global supplier of choice due to our high product quality and exceptional service levels.

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