CNC (computer numerical control) machines are crucial in the manufacturing business and are computer-controlled and provide efficiency, accuracy, and uniformity that would be hard to accomplish with a manual procedure.

CNC machining services have made operations that were previously impossible possible. At the same time, there are many different types of CNC machines used to do this, just as there are many distinct parts that CNC machines may create. Each device is unique in its structure, operation, and product capabilities.

Please continue reading to discover the six main types of CNC machining services and their distinct functions.

First of all, let’s understand, What Is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a procedure in which factory machinery and tools are moved according to pre-programmed computer software. As a result, producers can make parts in less time, reduce waste, and eliminate human mistakes.

This manufacturing method is utilized to control a wide range of complex machinery, covered later in this article. In essence, CNC machining services allow three-dimensional cutting by following a single set of instructions.

Six main types of CNC machines:

CNC Milling Machine 

A CNC mill is one of the most typical CNC machines, and it uses computer controls to cut various materials. Mills can convert numerical and alphabetic programmes to move the spindle in multiple ways.

As previously stated, many mills employ G-code, a standardised programming language accepted by most CNC machines. Face milling, shoulder milling, tapping, drilling, and turning are just a few of the activities that a CNC mill may perform.

CNC Lathe

A lathe is a CNC machine that cuts work components while rotating. Using a variety of tools, CNC lathes can produce precise cuts quickly.

Compared to manual lathes, these CNC machines are highly effective in precision. They are frequently smaller and more compact than CNC milling machines since they have fewer axes.

CNC lathes have controls comparable to those found on CNC mills, and they can read both G-code and proprietary programming languages. 

CNC Routers

These are machines designed solely for use with CNC technology, with no human interaction other than through the computer.

Routers are typically used to create larger-scale pieces and are designed to cut wood, plastics, and sheet metal.

Routers are also frequently encountered in a three-axis Cartesian coordinate system (X, Y and Z). Cutting profiles, pocketing, and 3-dimensional relief machining are all possible with a three-axis setup.

CNC routers with 4, 5, or even six axes (the additional axes are rotary and are utilised for revolving the tool around the workpiece or vice versa) are better suited to cutting more complex forms or prototype models.

CNC Plasma Cutters: 

CNC plasma cutters are fairly similar to CNC routers in terms of size and configuration. On the other hand, plasma cutters do not require as much power because they fly above the table with a plasma torch instead of dragging around a spinning tool in the material. Plasma cutters are used to cut sheet metal into two-dimensional profile shapes.

CNC Electric Discharge Machine (EDM)

Electric discharge machining, or EDM, employs electrical discharges or sparks to create a specified shape within a material.

A sequence of periodic electrical discharges between two electrodes removes material from a specific workpiece in this procedure. A dielectric fluid separates these electrodes, frequently exposed to an electric voltage. The material is placed between two electrodes in this machine, and the system determines how much electrical discharge each electrode needs to produce.

CNC Grinders

A stationary wheel is used by CNC grinding machines to cut into a workpiece. These systems may work up to 5-axis and use high-pressure coolants to quickly remove metal bits from a part without causing damage to the machine.

Manufacturers use grinders to grind milling cutters, surface grinds, contour grinds, and flute grinds.

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