Computer Numerical Control or CNC machining services started back in the 1940s. The credit for developing this technology can be given to the US (United States) Air Force which aimed to automate the production of difficult airplane parts. Frank L. Stulen and John T. Parsons developed the first CNC machining tool at Parsons Corporation during this time. In the decades that followed technology progressed rapidly. By the 1980s the manufacturing industry had adopted it en masse. The base creation for the system was a code that is now used for more advanced purposes such as cutting parts and developing tool paths. 

How does CNC machining work?

As the name may indicate, CNC machining employs computer software for controlling cutting tools and removing materials from workplaces to create finished products. There are three main stages of the process – CAD (Computer-Aided Design), CNC machining, and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) programming. In the CAD stage, the first stage, specialized software is used to create digital models of parts. These designs are then changed to CAM codes that order a CNC machine regarding the ways it can move the cutting tool to create said parts. This code is then fed to the CNC machine that does the needful. 

The advantages of CNC machining, milling, and lathe 

CNC machining provides you with advantages that you are unlikely to get in traditional manufacturing processes such as injection molding and manual machining. The biggest benefits that you get from CNC machining, milling, and lathe are high precision, efficiency and speed, versatility, and customization. CNC machines can produce parts that have tolerances as little as 0.0001 inches which makes sure that you have a high level of consistency and accuracy. CNC machines are also capable of producing parts that have various material properties and complexity levels. They are just as adept at complex geometrics as they are at simple parts. 

CNC machining also tends to be more efficient and quicker than conventional manufacturing processes. This is because it does not need manual labor to function. These devices can run attended for rather long periods. CNC machining also lets you customize parts just as you want them with complete convenience. This is why it is the ideal option for one-off parts as well as low-volume production runs. You need the best CNC machining services, however, to make sure that you keep getting the benefits we have spoken of over here.           

How to select the right CNC machining service providers?

If you want the best CNC machining services you have to choose the right service provider and for that, you need to keep a few points in mind. The three most important factors in this case are experience and expertise, quality control, and capabilities and equipment. Always go for service providers who have proven track records of offering high-class parts for relevant applications or your industry in general. Always make sure that the service provider you choose has a great quality control system to satisfy the demands you have for your products. It must use the latest and best equipment for its work too. 


As far as CNC machining services are concerned precision is essential and this is why you should always go for established names in the industry such as Gemsons. CNC machines are used for manipulating and controlling machine tools with the highest degree of accuracy. As such, they have become vital cogs in so many industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical. These machines are used a lot in the military too! At a basic level, these machines use computer programs for controlling the movements of machine tools.

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