For more than a couple of decades, EDM i.e. Electrical Discharge Machining has been tailoring the manufacturing space with its unique and innovative features. The manufacturers of the current age are incorporating wire EDM machines on a large scale. It is because of the affordability and accuracy a wired EDM machine offers along with precise production and outstanding tooling experience.

Let us understand more about Wire EDM machining and its working in this blog. 

Wire EDM Machining : 

Wire EDM machining is defined as an electro thermal production process in which a thin strand of metal wire and deionized water permits the wire to cut through metal. It is done with the use of heat from electrical sparks and also prevents rusting. 

The Working:

Wire EDM machining creates an electrical discharge between the workpiece and the wire/electrode.  Then, an electric current is passed through them in order to create the sparks. The sparks are responsible to help form the chosen shape of the component. Whenever the distance among the electrodes gets narrowed, the intensity of the electric field increases, and thus, the dielectric fluid becomes stronger. Due to this situation, the current passes easily between the two electrodes  and the component gets separated from the metal sheet with each spark produced.

Once the sparks cross the gap, the material is then removed from the electrode/ wire and the workpiece.  So, in order to prevent the sparking process from shorting-out, a dielectric or a non-conductive fluid is used in the process. However, the waste material is completely removed by the dielectric fluid and the process continues thereafter. This process of removing the waste material is usually termed as ‘flushing’. However, the flushing process is carried out after the currents have passed and an appropriate shape of the component is gained. 

Wire EDM processing possesses inherent properties owing to which the machining can process the most complex parts as well as precision components made up of hard conductive constituents. 

Incredible Benefits of Wire EDM Process

‘Cheese cutter’ is the another name for the wire EDM machining process owing to its brilliant cutting feature. Today, it has become the first choice of manufacturers among a number of industries.  Talking about its benefits, wire EDM machines help remove the excess material without applying an extra string cutting force. It is an automated process that assures that less damage could occur to the component. 

More on, these machines have good compatibility with hard materials which reduces the need for post-machining thermal treatments. It also helps in lowering or completely removing heat stress on the shaped part. This way, the surface of the specific part getting distorted becomes very easy! 


Wire EDM process has most of the applications in die and mold manufacturing processes especially for blanking punches and extrusion dies. Also, it has been widely used in the manufacturing of metal tools as well as components. It is suitable for all applications that require very low residual stress.  It plays a major role in the automotive, electronics, and aeroscope industries. 

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