Screw machines are machine tools that create screws and other turned items by feeding many cutting tools into a revolving rod or bar. A screw machine, therefore, is an automated turret lathe that conducts turning, lathing, and cutting processes to make high-volume, low-cost components.

Types of Screw Machines

There are two types of screw machining components. The Swiss Screw Machine is called after its home country of Switzerland, where watchmakers first employed it for precision components. 

The Turret type mounts the workpiece on a vertical ram that feeds into a lathe, allowing for the high-volume manufacturing of high-precision components.

Swiss Screw Machine

Swiss screw machining is an excellent choice for producing high-precision tools. In addition to precision cuts, the CNC Swiss Screw Machine can conduct a range of additional operations simultaneously, substantially speeding up the machining process. The Swiss Screw Machine may be configured to cut within a 0.0002-inch tolerance. Other CNC machines are unable to achieve this pace.

Turret Lathes 

On a lathe, the turret is a rotatable circular wheel that clamps around a round object, such as a shaft, rotates it on its axis, or holds it immobile while allowing a tool to enter from any angle to execute machining operations on the holding part. The turret retains it until the whole series of processes is completed, at which time it is released and dropped into the machine’s bottom.

Functions of Screw machining

Mechanical Automation

Except for feeding in lengths of material, the screw machine can repeat the procedure rapidly and accurately after being set up for a specific item. The processes were originally programmed mechanically using a system of cams, levers, indexing adjustments, fixturing, and industrial fasteners. Each action was meticulously timed, and the whole process was captured on a single camera.

Electrical Automation

Automation programs were set up electrically when electric motors, gearboxes, and linear actuators were accessible, similar to how a household clothes washer knob regulates wash, rinse, and spin cycles.

Computer Automation

Most current screw machines can be controlled from a personal computer. The software for a given component is downloaded in seconds via a network or phone line to the screw machine’s control computer. As the screw machine produces components, quality control measures may be checked automatically.

Most current screw machining components can be programmed using a personal computer. The software may be downloaded in seconds through a network or phone line to a specific piece of the screw machine’s control computer. As components are manufactured using the screw machine, quality control measurements may be followed automatically.

Buyers must examine a variety of aspects when selecting automated industrial fasteners. To begin, check the unit’s overall dimensions to confirm it will fit in the allotted place. Following that, the buyer needs to think about the number of spindles and the types of tools that each machine can handle. He should also think about the size of the things the machine can make and the engine’s horsepower.

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