CNC turning machine is an efficient machine that processes CNC turning to manufacture. This process has bars of material held in a chuck and it is rotated. A tool is then fed to the piece. This is done to remove the material and to get the desired shape of the components. In this process, a turret along with the tooling is programmed to shift the bar of raw material and then remove extra material to create the program result.

This type of machining is also called ‘subtraction machine’ because it involves removal of the material suppose the center has both meaning capabilities and tuning capabilities then the rotation process can be stopped to allow for milling out of various shapes.

CNC turning machines play a very important role in industrial automation parts and more.

Let us understand how a CNC turning machine can help in boosting productivity.

Reduced cycle time

With the latest CNC technologies that mix up well with the high-speed CNC drive system hardware contains spindle motors and servo motors. These have features for ultrasound rotation, high-resolution feedback devices, and accurate current detection that helps in reducing the cycle time.

Also to reduce the cycle time you can also think of minimizing machine shock and vibration. Additionally you should also consider various functions that can affect the cycle time. 

You can take the example of tool identification which is about machine tool enhancement that helps decrease the downtime through scanning tool holders. Automatic parameters, as well as input the information into the machine tools, offset register while eliminating all operator errors.

Enhanced surface finish

Today’s CNC turning machines offer submicron resolution or you can say Nano resolution throughout the process. This is done from internal calculations and stored values with the help of the interpreter and the drive system. Usually, high-resolution count or revolution feedback devices best surface finish quality during contouring. However, this helps in minimizing the requirement for secondary operations while reducing delivery times and costs as well.

For example, aerospace CNC machining assembles and maintains essential space shuttle and aircraft components. However, the machine can easily operate with the highest quality metals creating parts that can stand by the intense pressures as well as temperatures. In this process, CNC turning machines give a brilliant surface finish to the aircraft components.

Reduced cost per part

Many factors in the manufacturing process are considered when we refer to the cost for the part. However, purchasing any new equipment one can lose the focus on the one-time acquisition cost and forget to fully appreciate the recurring cost to maintain and around the equipment. At present, in the manufacturing environment, the reliability, productivity and equipment availability decide the cost of the equipment since it is all related to the enhanced energy maintenance cost and operation cost. It is very essential to know the cost of a machine over its lifetime of operation. It is a fact that a reduction in downtime can also add measure factors in the terms of cost per part.  

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