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Gemsons Precision Engineering Pvt Ltd Blow Moulding Machine

We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of High Quality Blow Mould Machine Components always produce excellent quality which is exactly suit the requirements of our clients.We are a famous and Parent Company of Industries Directory, with many years of experience in publishing of Industries Directory and have a strong network in many cities of India. We also provide Special Purpose Equipment for applications in various fields and Our Equipment makes manufacturing of Blow moulding products simple. Broad processing range, Stable performance, fast colour change, less maintenance and wastage of raw material and a lot of energy saving, greater drop strength are our products specialities.

Specialities of Blow Molding machine Parts & Components

Provide best raw material at competitive price than others, reliable result in components and processes, offering various field equipment’s for special purpose(such as Testing of components for railway, aerospace and many industries), providing latest technologies and services and also main feature is that all produced blow moulding machines part are in uniform quality