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High and low pressure Die Casting Machine Parts

High and low pressure die casting machine parts manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India to overseas. Low and high pressure die casting machine parts from 1982 according to client's requirements and suggestions with ISO standards and specification, assured guarantee of safety, reliability and durability

Our company is leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of diversified, quality and also provides a wide range of world-class machines for various applications in India and many overseas countries. We provide a huge variety of both type of die casting machines parts

strength values is good

No requirement for feeders

Well dimensional chastity

Material utilisation is higher

Automatic process is suitable

Easy installation and less complicated technology

Automatic process and smooth surface

Well Suited for thin-walled components

Short casting twirl

Our Mission and Vision :-

Working closely to understand our regular and valuable client’s expectations and needs.

Competitive lead in machines parts optimizes our clients' production process.

Our company is one of the strong diversified global players and make a respected position in the market is our aim.

Environment in our company is like a family and always include our staff in the process of decision making.

Every machine part is a hallmark of symbol of innovative and available at reasonable price for you, it is our main vision.

Features of High and low pressure die casting machine parts :-

Custom Made Parts

CNC Machining

Hard Part Turning

Surface Modelling

Quick Prototyping

Tool Room facility

Special Tooling/ Fixtures

In-house Fitting & Assembly

PMI & CMM Inspection

Specialists in

Stainless Steel Machining

Hard Part Turning : HRC 60+

Machining of Pressure Die-Cast Components

Manufacture of Precision Machined

Non-Ferrous Forgings

Ultra Precision Turning within 3 Microns (in continuous process)