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Gemsons Precision Engineering Pvt Ltd Expertise

Gemsons Precision Engineering (P) Ltd. has developed more than 9000 different Components, for various industries, some of which are very critical in nature. We have been maintaining high tolerances in regular production, along with parameters like surface finish, roundness & cylindricity. We have successfully developed complete critical assemblies in production thereby providing our customers complete import substitution for critical components and sub-systems, some of which were earlier imported from Dupont-USA, Toray-Japan and Barmag-Germany. We are the first CNC shop in Mumbai to provide complete solution from CNC Lathe to Machining Center, thereby enabling us to do the most difficult of parts, including Screw Shaft & Drum Cams.

At Gemsons, we machine a variety of materials right from Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, Stainless Steel, High Alloy Steel, Forgings Forged components, S.S. Investment Castings, Spheroidal Graphite Castings, Brass, Aluminum to low Carbon Steels. We also specialize in Hard Part Turning, which very few of our competitors dare to undertake in India

Gemsons is the only CNC Shop in Mumbai having facilities to Design & Manufacture our own fixtures for Machining Center & CNC Lathe with the "CAD-CAM" Software. Our machines are connected by DNC, thereby enabling us to upload or download programs. Our CNC shop is equipped with CNC Gun Drilling Machine with the capacity of Diameter 5-40mm. to a length of 1000mm.

We also have an automatic setup for Precision Welding & have developed critical Press Tool Components.

We offer :-

Custom Made Parts

CNC Machining with Multi axis

Warehousing Solutions

Surface Modeling

Quick Prototyping

Tool Room facility

Special Tooling/ Fixtures

In-house Fitting & Assembly

PMI & CMM Inspection

Specialists in :-

Stainless Steel & High Nickel alloys Machining

Hard Part Turning : HRC 60+

Machining of Pressure Die-Cast Components

Manufacture of Precision Machined Components

Ferrous Non-Ferrous Forgings

Investment Casting Parts

Tig Welding for SS & Satellite

Ultra Precision Turning within 3 Microns

Laser Marking & Barloding